Monday, April 16, 2012

April 14, "Wondering Deer"

Today I had a special visitor painting with me. This young man was out visiting family for his senior year spring break and his aunt thought he might like to see someone paint. Sam is from the Bronx's N.Y. and is quite a nice young man and I thought instead of just watching someone paint that it would be a little more fun if did some painting and I wasn't wrong. After setting up the easels we listened to some music and did some painting. It was a rough day due to the cold temperatures and the heavy clouds that keep moving in and out. At one point this cute little deer deiced to walk through the scene so as fast as I could I put the little doe in and as fast as she showed up she was just as fast was gone. 
Over all it was a great day of painting despite the weather and I think Sam's first Plein Air painting turned out fantastic.

"Wondering Deer" 8" x 10"

Sam and I by our paintings moments before the snow fell.

Sam's 1st Plein Air Painting painting.

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