Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mountain Panther

Today I was packing up to head out to paint when I noticed our cat stalking something in the tall grass. I was memorized as he did this. He would move a little then hold this pose for minuets. So before he found his hunt I thought I would try and capture this "Mountain Panther"

"Mountain Panther" 8" x 10" May 15th

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long Horn

Today I deiced to stay at home and try my hand at one of the long horn skulls that I have. 

"Long Horn" 8" x 10" May 14th
This is a rough picture I'm going to try to get a better image of this painting.

Mothers Day Bouquet

Happy Mothers Day! Just a little bouquet for all of the wonderful Mothers on such a joyous day.

"Mothers Day Bouquet" 8" x 10" May 13th

Mountain Side Poppies

Today I came across a nice field of poppies on one of the neighbors hill sides. The sun broke through and the rain stopped just long enough to get this painting done.

"Mountain Side Poppies" 8" x 10" May 12th

Poppy A Glow Glow

Today as I was out looking for something to paint I noticed this single poppy on the hill side just a glowing. it was so vivid and bright  that i couldn't pass it up.

"Poppy A Glow Glow' 8" x 10" May 11th

A New Day

I was up early today so I figured that I would head out and see what the sun rise was going to be like. Am I ever glad that I did it was a gorgeous sun rise.

"A New day" 8" x 10" May 10th


Today I wanted to paint some Lilacs. So I found a great huge hedge of lilacs and just hung out enjoying the fragrance and the colors.

"Lilacs" 8" x 10' May 9th

Spring Snow On Clear Creek

Today I was down along Clear Creek to try and capture some of the fresh snow on the creek. The water was calm but the sky was mostly clear but the breeze was quite cold.

"Spring Snow on Clear Creek" 8" x 10" May 8th

Late Spring Snow

It was a cold and snowy day today. I was kind of nice to get a little moisture and I liked the contrast that a late spring snow can give the landscape.

"Late Spring Snow" 8" x 10" May 7th 

Farm Light

Today I went for an early morning drive and went down the mountain and headed out east. Thats when i saw this old barn that had the warm sun rise light shining on it and I had to paint it.

"Farm Light' 8" x 10" May 6th

Independent Sun Rise

Happy Cinco De Mayo for all my friends of Mexican decent that celebrate Mexico's Independence today.
"Independent Sun Rise" 8" x 10" May 5th

Mountain Side Blossoms

Today I found this great hill side filled with these bright yellow flowers that were just glowing. So I pulled over and began to paint.

"Mountain Side Blossoms" 8" x 10" May 4th

Studio Lodge

Today I was at Little Park when I noticed this quant little cabin tucked away in the lilacs. fro me the best part was the artist paint palette that welcomed you by saying "Artist Studio". This was the spot.

"Studio Lodge" 8" x 10" May 3rd

Afternoon Lilacs and Poppies

Today I was in a  great little neighborhood when I came across this huge lilac bush that was lined with a boarder of poppies. I knew this was the spot.

"Afternoon Lilacs and Poppies" 8" x 10"  May 2nd

May Day Lilacs

Happy May Day! And what better why to celebrate than a vase full of lilacs.

"May Day Lilacs" 8" x 10" May 1st

Friday, May 11, 2012

Creek Side Lilac

Today as i was taking a walk along Bear Creek I found this great lilac bush along the creek bottom. So I broke out the easel and enjoyed the distant view of Mt. Evans and the wonderful fragrance of the lilacs.

"Creek Side Lilac" 8" x 10"

The Purple Planters

Today as I was looking for my daily scene I happened to drive by this great field of color that was being set out by the local workers of Welby Green house. So I quickly pulled over and began to paint "The Purple Planters"

The Purple Planters" 8" x 10"

Mission Blossoms

I was in Idaho Springs today when i came across this great little Mission. Not only was the building charming it was framed in by a huge crabapple tree in full bloom. That little voice said "this was the spot".
"Mission Blossoms" 8" x 10"

Idaho Springs Mission and blossoms

Lilac Trail

I just love lilacs and today as I was looking for something to paint this great lilac bush just popped out to me and even it though it was across a small field, the perfume fragrance was quite heavenly.   
"Lilac trail" 8" x 10"

This side of the trail.

Buried In Lilacs

Today I was at Little Park when I noticed one of the neighbors home buried in lilacs and just found the scene to intriguing to pass up.
"Buried In Lilacs" 8"x 10"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, "Mountain Apple Tree"

Today I was at Lair O' the Bear when I noticed this great apple tree in full bloom. So I hiked down to the creek for a better view and to find a place to set up. I set up the easel and let the painting began.

"Mountain Apple Tree" 8" x 10"

The Apple Tree.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, "Creek Side Apple Blossoms"

Today I was looking around our local area to see if anything was blooming yet. I was delighted to see that the mountain area is starting to bloom. I found this great little apple tree blooming along the creek and deiced to to hang out and do some painting.

"Creek Side Apple Blossoms" 8" x 10"

Hanging out creek side.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, "Bear Creek Falls"

Today I was along the creek when I saw what I like to call Bear Creek Falls, it was looking quite inviting. A warm day hanging around some cool water made for a great day of painting and recovery.

"Bear Creek Falls" 8" x 10" 

At the falls.

April 22, "Table Mesa Lilacs"

Today I had to go to Golden, Colorado so I thought I would check out one of my haunts to see how the color was and boy was I glad that I did. The lilacs framed south table mesa just wonderfully.

"Table Mesa Lilacs" 8" x 10"

April 21, "Monarch Of The Lilacs"

Today I didn't know what to paint or even where to paint. I thought I would go check out the lilacs again, but when I got there I noticed this wonderful large Monarch butterfly just hanging around and ever so gently moving from flower to flower. I knew this was what I needed to paint. I quickly began to paint with the hope that I could move fast enough to capture this delightful sight. To my surprise I had plenty of time, the Monarch of the lilacs had no desire  of moving. So I finished painting had a little chat with the monarch and then left him to the lilacs.

"Monarch Of The Lilacs" 8" x 10"

April 20, "Lilac Pond"

Today was better than yesterday to paint. I actually feel a little better today. My flue isn't as bad as it has been for the past few days, and all the many kind comments and words of encouragement from all of you, my friends defiantly made painting more enjoyable, Thank You!!!

"Lilac Pond" 8" x 10"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, "Barn Side Beauty"

Today was another day of struggling to paint while being sick. I wanted to try and surround my self with something that would take my mind off of being sick and the other problems that plague me. So I went to the lilacs for some relief. The DayQuil also helped but it did nothing for the body cramps. The worst part is every time I would lift my right arm to paint my whole right side would start to cramp. I learned quite quickly what worked for me was to breath out when I needed to put paint down on canvas. What am I doing? Who would be this stupid to paint in these conditions. Thank you lilacs for listing to me today.

"Barn Side Beauty" 8" x 10"

April 18, "Hazy View"

Today was a terrible day for me. I have the flu and everything is spinning and I keep finding myself on the floor with no knowledge of how I get there. I found out that I was  rejected from another plein air show show and I cant seem to get into a gallery to save my life. Perhaps it's just the flu speaking but after watching seven galleries that I was in close in the last two years and now I'm hearing that I'm to expensive, this from people that don't even go to galleries to by there art (Target and WalMart Art Buyers)  I don't know what to do anymore. Perhaps it's just being sick or maybe it's just the bad weather, but after three years of putting my heart and soul into my work I don't know how much more of this I can take. Perhaps it my fault. I wanted to know what Vincent van Gogh went through to create his 1000 paintings in seven years. Now I wish I would have stopped after the first year. I feel as I'm loosing part of me. Oh well, as my Grandpa would say, quit my belly aching and get back to work.

"Hazy View" 8" x 10"

April 17, "Full Bloom"

Today I wanted to once again try and capture some lilacs before they are all gone. So on my drive I spotted a wonderful patch of lilacs in full bloom along the side of a little dirt road. I knew this was the spot for the day.
"Full Bloom" 8" x 10"

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, "Barn Side Lilacs"

Today I wanted to try and find some more lilacs to paint. So headed down the mountain to see if i could find something. Well it didn't take long for me to find some great color. i found this nice patch of lilacs next to a really cool old barn, so I knew what I needed to paint.
This place was so nice I think I'll be back for a few more paintings.
"Barn Side Lilacs" 8" x 10"

April 15, " Stormy Sunrise"

Today like most Sunday started with an early morning drive to Denver. I enjoy the drive because I usually get to see and try and capture some of the wonderful sunrises that we have. this one was a little different it was very soft color and was being chocked by the storm clouds, but I loved the color that was there.

"Stormy Sunrise' 8" x 10"

April 14, "Wondering Deer"

Today I had a special visitor painting with me. This young man was out visiting family for his senior year spring break and his aunt thought he might like to see someone paint. Sam is from the Bronx's N.Y. and is quite a nice young man and I thought instead of just watching someone paint that it would be a little more fun if did some painting and I wasn't wrong. After setting up the easels we listened to some music and did some painting. It was a rough day due to the cold temperatures and the heavy clouds that keep moving in and out. At one point this cute little deer deiced to walk through the scene so as fast as I could I put the little doe in and as fast as she showed up she was just as fast was gone. 
Over all it was a great day of painting despite the weather and I think Sam's first Plein Air painting turned out fantastic.

"Wondering Deer" 8" x 10"

Sam and I by our paintings moments before the snow fell.

Sam's 1st Plein Air Painting painting.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 13, "Afternoon Walk"

Today I was at O' Fallen park painting a nice little path way when I had someone walk up behind me and to my surprise it was a fellow artist that I have admired his work for year. His name is Tom Newsom, is is know as the Santa Claus painter for Celestial Seasonings Tea and many other  companies and books as well. He was out walking the trail, so we visited for a minute and he was on his way. I don't normally look for scenes to paint that have people in them, but, today I had to put Mr. Newsom in as he was walking away and on his way home. 

"Afternoon Walk"  8" x 10"

The Walk Way.

April 12, "Lilac Walk Way"

Wow, I cant believe that everything down the mountain is in full bloom and as I was looking for something to paint this lilac bush was glowing and I had to paint it.

"Lilac Walk Way" 8" x 10"

The little walk way.

April 11, "Down Town Navedaville, Colorado"

Today I wanted to go to one of the old ghost towns of Colorado. It didn't take lone to find one close to the house. Navadaville is a cute lille ol' ghost town near Central City with just a few buildings left. It made for a great day of painting.
"Down Town Navedaville' 8' x 10"


April 10, "Quick Sunset"

Today I was in Gilpin County waiting to paint the sunset. I was at the top of one of the mountain ranges waiting to paint the sunset and hoping to get a break in the cloud cover that was beginning to build. Fortunately for me the clouds held out but the sunset was a very fast moving one tonight.
"Quick Sunset" 8" x 10"

The Sunset from the ridge.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, "Fence Top Delight"

Today I was in Morrison, CO. a little town that I paint in quite a bit, especially now that the tree are a bloom. I love all the different shades of reds and whites that the crabapple and cherry trees have. I cant believe that spring is here in the Rocky Mountains already.

'Fence Top Delight" 8" x 10"