Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14th, "A Snap of Magenta"

Wow, another rainy day. I just about was rained out again today. I was at Red Rocks Park trying to capture these fantastic snap peas. Just as I was trying to finish the painting the rain started, so I said to myself you better hurry. So I picked upped the pace and boy am I glad I did. About 10 minuets later I was finished with the painting and was frantically packing up my easel all the while trying to stay coherent from being hit by all the hail that was now coming down. I am just glad that i listed to that little voice or I would have been trying to finish in the hail.

"A Snap of Magenta" 8" x 10"

My before photo. Due to the excessive amount of hail I opted out of the "Me and the Location" photo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13th, " Mountain Clouds"

 I found myself enjoying a large view of the front rang today. I was more drawn to painting the clouds. I also wanted to keep the shapes simple and focus on color.

" Mountain Clouds" with a shadow of my easel clamp 6" x 12"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th, "Across The Pond"

I went out painting with the plein air painters of Colorado today. We painted at Bear Creek Park. What a nice morning of light and color.

"Across The Pond" 8" x 10"

Hanging out at Bear Creek Park.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th, "Garden Path"

I was almost rained out today, but before the big rain storm hit I was able to to my daily painting "Garden Path". Just as I finished up painting I was able to get one photo in right before it started to pour rain.

"Garden Path" 8" x 10"

My inspiration for the day.

July 10th, "Morning Colors"

 I had a early morning today so I thought I would paint the wonderful sunrise that I was fortunate enough to see. The colors of a sunrise change so quickly that to me they are the hardest and yet the most fun things to paint. All i hear in my head is hurry, hurry, hurry, don't think just paint.

Morning Colors 6" x 12"

A quick photo before the light changed

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th, "Pine Reflections".

Today I almost got rained out, but moments before the rain hit I was able to finish "Pine Reflections".

"Pine Reflections" 8" x 10"

Me trying to pack up before the big rain hit.

July 8, "Buoys"

I thought I would stay simple today and work basic shapes and colors. No, I just relay think the buoys are just cool looking in the water.

"Buoys" 6" x 12"

The "Buoys" and me

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th, "End Of The Day"

 Wow, what a fury of fun these past few days have been. After getting home from camping and rafting all that there was left to do was the dreaded "clean up". When the clean up was finished we (we is my wife Lori and myself) decided we deserved a little reward, did I head someone say "how about a glass of wine?" and next thing you know we had a scene to paint for the day, thanks red wine.

"End Of The Day" 8" x 10"

Me enjoying some rain, some paint and some wine... while the wine before hand.

July 6th, "Castle Peak Road"

 I was out early today before rafting when I came across this road filled with wonderful bright yellowish green grass and a fantastic view of Castle Peak.

"Castle Peak Road" 8" x 10"

Me on location

July 5th, Catamount Sunset

This week we went for a few days up to Catamount Colorado to do some rafting on the Colorado river. It was great, thank you Mark! The area has some stunning views so I couldn't say no when it came time to paint.
Catamount Sunset 6" x 12"

The Sunset and Me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th, "Mountain Fireworks"

Happy Independence Day America, May Freedom Ring! It was truly a great day today and tonight was no different. I only get to paint fireworks twice a year and the last time I painted them it was -18 degrees out and I did a 24"x 36" painting alla prima plein air of the fireworks at the Evergreen Lake House for New Years. 
Tonight though I wore some shorts and a t-shirt and enjoyed a warm summer night and a fantastic show! 

I love painting fireworks at night. Trying to move fast enough to put in the action before it's gone, all awhile painting in the dark. This is where you can't paint by sight alone but from experience of knowing how to mix your colors with out seeing them. Then when you get home it's like christmas day when you get to put your painting in the light and see what you got. Well, here is my gift I would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Independence Day!

"Mountain Fireworks" 16" x 20"

July 3rd, "Summer Sunset"

It was so hot today that I built a creek side pond, soaked my feet in it and waited untill it was cool enough to paint. It turned out to be at sunset and the colors were great. The cool blues in the mountains was unreal, put along with it a wonderful warm peach sky made for a fun sunset to paint.

"Summer Sunset" 6" x 12"

July 2nd, "Grown Together Forever"

Well, its been a few weeks since I posted. I'm not sure if anyone is reading them or is interested so I slowed down on the posting. Then I thought, it doesn't matter as long as I log my journey for me. So, here is July 1st "Grown together Forver". Two poppies that twisted together and bloomed together. So I painted them to be together forever.
"Grown Together Forver" 6" x 12"

July 1st, "Central City Wild Flowers"

Today I was at Central City trying my luck not only at the gaming but also at some painting. I went out looking for a view to paint when I came across this great view of the Continental Divide framed by a field of wild yellow snap peas.

"Central City Wild Flowers" 6" x 12"

Above Central City