Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27, "Peeking Over The Top"

Today I was in Aspen park when I saw this great out croup of rocks poking it's top out above the tree tops. I thought this would make for a neat painting. So, like usual I broke out the paints and began to have some fun.

"Peeking Over The Top" 8" x 10"

Rock out croup in Aspen Park.

March 26, "Down The Road"

Today as I was coming home on my the daily drive I had to pull over and paint the wonderful view I have that is down the road form the home.

"Down The Road"

Down the road from home.

March 25, " Blood Red Sun Rise"

Today like most Sundays it was an early start and with that it usually means not only do I get to see wonderful sun rises and the occasional chance to paint one.

"Blood Red Sun Rise" 8" x 10"

March 24, "Sun Set On The Ridge"

Today I went to the same place as yesterday. When I painted last night I noticed this great light on the edge of the ridge of one of the local peaks, so I thought that i would try and capture it today. 

"Sun Set On The Ridge" 8" x 10"

March 23, "Heavenly Light"

Today I wanted to try and paint the sun set. I really enjoy sun sets and sun rises because of the need to work quickly and not over think things. I like the fresh, painterly way these types of painting can look.  

"Heavenly Light" 8" x 10"

March 22, "Through The Pines"

Today I wanted to stay close to home so I deiced to walk up the hill that is across the street from my home and try my hand at the view from there.

"Through The Pines" 8" x 10"

March 21, "Warm Reeds"

Today I once again found myself by the creek to paint. I found this inviting patch of reeds that were aglow.
"Warm Reeds' 8' x 10"

March 20, " Take Me To The Light"

Today was a rough day of painting. Last night I had a conversation with a person who tried to make me feel bad for doing my project by saying I was an egomaniacal person for wanting to have a show to display all 3 years of work. This was after I had just donated a painting to their charity. So, with this in my mind it was hard to find something to paint or even want to continue to paint at all. So I found myself at one of my haunts upon the creek pondering what I was going to do when this bright, warm, wonderful light shown through the willows and a little voice said... paint it. I guess that was my sign, so out came the paints and I move on. 

"Take Me To The Light" 8" x 10"

March 19, Blue Shadow"

 Today I wanted to paint by the creek so as I was looking around for something to paint I noticed this wonderful color in the creek with a deep blue shadow created by the warm willows.

"Blue Shadow" 8" x 10"

March 18, "Rocky Mountain Arsenal Buffalo"

 Today I was in my old home town when I came across this great sight, a small heard of buffalo out grazing! I love to paint buffalo and I had never seen the buffalo that close to the high way in that area so I couldn't resist painting them.

"Rocky Mountain Arsenal Buffalo" 8" x 10"

Buffalo on the Arsenal.

March 17, "Sign Of Spring"

Today I went back to a reat spot on the creek to try and capture some of the spring color that is starting to pop out.

"Sign of spring" 8" x 10"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 16, "Morning Surprise"

Today I awoke to a wonderful surprise of color. Since being in the mountains we don't always get to see the great morning colors, but today was an exception. So I set the paints up inside the rolling studio and tried to paint the sunrise colors through the willows.

"Morning Surprise" 8" x 10"

My morning surprise.

March 15, "Mountainside Light"

 Today started off cold, windy and cloud covered and just not a real good day for someone who like to look for and paint color. I was just about to do a limited palette painting because of the lack of color. When out of no where the sky opened up the sun came out and the scene that was dull and lacking color was now vibrant and and full of life and color.

"Mountainside Light" 8" x 10"

 Cub Creek Park a nice spot to paint and picnic at.

March 14, "Place To Think"

 Today I found myself once again along the creek looking for color when I saw a place that I have painted a few times before, but for the foliage. But today the water looked so refreshing and colorful that I had to try my hand at painting it. Instead of a big scene I focused inn on the color that I was seeing. While painting thee water pool it had quit a memorizing effect on me or perhaps it was due to my sons 19th birthday today and all the things, good, bad and indifferent that have passed in the past 19 years and how lucky I am to have had the chance to experience them all.

"Place To Think"

Great spot to just hang out and....

March 13, Crossing Shadow"

 Today I saw this little spot on the creek that was glowing but it also had a great cool blue shadow and for some reason it called to me to paint it.

"Crossing Shadows" 8" x 10"

A great day on the creek.

March 12, "Bear Creek Out Croup"

 Today I went down to canyon to a place that I've been wanting to paint for quite some time. Even though it was was 28 degrees the winds blowing between 20-40 mph it was still a great day to be out painting.

"Bear Creek Out Croup"  8" x 10"

The out croup.

March 11, "Morning Light On The Road"

Today was an early start due to having a 7 am class every Sunday. One of the perks is I usually have time to try and paint a sunrise. I love sun rises and sun sets for the fact that the colors move and change so quickly, I love the challenge. I know I've said it about a few thing but it is so true, no time to think just paint, things are happing to fast to think about all that you see. Just enough time to paint by reflex. I'm always surprised how these come out, each sun rise and sun set painting is so different from on each other due to the time frame to paint.

March 10, "Full Moon Rising"

Well, actually it wasn't quite a full moon but when I saw the full moon the day before I knew I need to paint it. So, the next night I set the easel up and captured this moon rise from my patio.

"Full Moon Rising" 8" x 10"

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, "Trail To The Top"

Today I headed over to Aspen Park to see what I could find. Well it wasn't long before something caught my eye. I don't know why I see to be drawn to rock outcrops lately but I found a nice one and a great trail to the top.

"Trail To The Top" 8" x 10"

My view for the day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, "Trail Ahead"

Today I wanted to try my had at one of the rock out crops that I have had my eye on for a while. Even though it was a little chilly around 42 degrees it was still a nice day to paint.

"Trail Ahead"

Staying warm and painting.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, " frozen Handle"

Today was a cold and frosty day and when I was out looking for something to paint I saw this Old handle that had some great wind blown frozen snow on it that I had to try and paint.

"Frozen Handle" 8" x 10"

The Handle.

March 6, " Late Light"

Today was a rough day of painting. Every once in awhile I have a rough day of painting and today was one of them. it took a few try's to get this done. I don't know why it was so rough but in the end I was happy at the results.
"Late Light" 8" x 10"

Hanging out by the road side.

March 5, "Afternoon Shadow"

Today I was heading down the canyon when these great rocks caught my eye. I had to hurry since the shadow was moving quite quickly and I really wanted to get the light on the rocks.

"Afternoon Shadow" 8" x 10"

Me at the rocks.

March 4, "Winter Melt"

Today was a great day to paint, full of sun and some warm temperatures for a change. I saw this out croup of willows and the fresh snow melt made a cute little creek that just looked fun to paint.

"Winter Melt" 8" x 10"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3, "Blazing Willows"

Today I was under the weather with a cold so I loaded up on the DayQuil and headed out to paint. Once again it was a 50-70 mph windy day. Have I said this before, I hate painting in the wind. I'll paint in any condition but the wind is just terrible to try and paint in. Fortunately for me I found this great patch of willows close to home. So I let the paint fly in the wind and hustled to finish so I could get home and out of the wind, into a warm bed and a hot toddy.
"Blazing Willows" 8" x 10"

March 2, "Red Barn"

 Today was a day of 70-80 mph high winds and a cloud covered day, but that can't stop the painting. As I was out I came across this great Ol' Red Barn that said to me...Paint Me!
"Red Barn" 8" x 10"

The Ol' Red Barn.

March 1, "Red Morning"

Today I was in Black Hawk when I saw this warm and delightful sun rise and I thought "wow, what a soft warm painting this would make". So, as quickly as I could I set up the shop and frantically began to paint before the color was gone.

"Red Morning" 8" x 10"

Friday, March 2, 2012

February 29, " Winter Ice Wine and Fruit"

Today was a very cold day. So I thought I would stay home and do a Plein Air still life of a few favorite things. A fantastic glass of Ice Wine and some fresh fruit. What a special thing to have for the last day of February.
"Winter Ice Wine and Fruit" 8" x 10"

February 28, "Mountain Barn"

Today I was driving down from Evergreen to Morrison when I saw one of our great local barns glowing in the afternoon sun and I couldn't resist painting it.

"Mountain Barn" 8" x 10"

"mountain Barn" 8" x 10"

February 27, "Serenity"

Today as I was along the river I I noticed the sun was about to set and I thought how lucky I was to be where I was at that moment. So I set up my easel and quickly began to paint the vivid sunset that unfolded in front of me.
"Serenity" 8" x 10"

February 26, "Freedom"

Today I thought I would see if my fried was back and I wasn't let down. This little guy was fun to watch and paint. He just kept flying around, perch on a reed for a minute and then he was off again.
"Freedom" 8" x 10"

Free flight.

February 25, "Hanging Out"

 Today I was at Evergreen lake when I saw an old familiar friend. I just love these little guys. They are great to paint. Wonderful contrast of color as well as they are quite territorial and will find a reed and claim it as their own. This gives me a chance to try and capture there beauty.
"Hanging Out" 8" x 10"

My friend hanging out and watching me paint.