Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, "Remembering A Friend"

 Today was an inspiring day for me. First I had my usual Sunday KunTao Silat martial arts class, but then I went to visit the wife of a friend of mine who passed away few years ago. She is a delightful person and quite gracious as well. The reason for the visit was to return some videos that she was kind enough to lend me. We then had a delightful conversation revolving around Roger (who had passed away) and all the things of the cosmos but mainly enjoying the memory of a friend. When I got home my daughter told me that she had a photography project that she needed to do but would like to go to our old local cemetery to take her photos. I said sure lets go. So we headed out to the cemetery. When we arrived she went looking for her subject but  mine had already found me, right where I had stopped I looked over to see this great, old weathered headstone with no name on it and looking all of 100 years old. The beautiful thing was all of the wonderful life and color that sprouted out form around the headstone, and it reminded me of Roger and how I think he would have like his headstone, no name on it, so as to not dwell upon a name but look at the beauty that sprouts from me.

"Remembering A Friend" 8" x 10"

"The Old Headstone"


  1. Enjoying your Blogs always, but this one in particular. Thanks for the inspiration your 'work ethic' gives us all!

  2. Thank you Kathleen. It's easy when there is so much to paint!