Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14th, "A Snap of Magenta"

Wow, another rainy day. I just about was rained out again today. I was at Red Rocks Park trying to capture these fantastic snap peas. Just as I was trying to finish the painting the rain started, so I said to myself you better hurry. So I picked upped the pace and boy am I glad I did. About 10 minuets later I was finished with the painting and was frantically packing up my easel all the while trying to stay coherent from being hit by all the hail that was now coming down. I am just glad that i listed to that little voice or I would have been trying to finish in the hail.

"A Snap of Magenta" 8" x 10"

My before photo. Due to the excessive amount of hail I opted out of the "Me and the Location" photo.

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