Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th, "Evergreen Pelican"

After a few days of rain and snow the weather broke, and wow, it is so green now. Also for the past few days we have had a visitor to Evergreen Lake, a "Pelican". Since it was sunny and warm, I thought what a good day today is to hang out by the lake and paint the Pelican. At first he did a great pose and just as I was about to paint it somebody let there dog loose and scared the pelican out to the water. That's when I decided to paint him. I figured he would be swimming for awhile. Just as I thought, he did, and as I finished painting him, he swam up a little closer and posed. It was great!

The Pelican and me, after he swam back in.

 The fist pose I was going to try before he swam away.

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