Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mountain Panther

Today I was packing up to head out to paint when I noticed our cat stalking something in the tall grass. I was memorized as he did this. He would move a little then hold this pose for minuets. So before he found his hunt I thought I would try and capture this "Mountain Panther"

"Mountain Panther" 8" x 10" May 15th

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long Horn

Today I deiced to stay at home and try my hand at one of the long horn skulls that I have. 

"Long Horn" 8" x 10" May 14th
This is a rough picture I'm going to try to get a better image of this painting.

Mothers Day Bouquet

Happy Mothers Day! Just a little bouquet for all of the wonderful Mothers on such a joyous day.

"Mothers Day Bouquet" 8" x 10" May 13th

Mountain Side Poppies

Today I came across a nice field of poppies on one of the neighbors hill sides. The sun broke through and the rain stopped just long enough to get this painting done.

"Mountain Side Poppies" 8" x 10" May 12th

Poppy A Glow Glow

Today as I was out looking for something to paint I noticed this single poppy on the hill side just a glowing. it was so vivid and bright  that i couldn't pass it up.

"Poppy A Glow Glow' 8" x 10" May 11th

A New Day

I was up early today so I figured that I would head out and see what the sun rise was going to be like. Am I ever glad that I did it was a gorgeous sun rise.

"A New day" 8" x 10" May 10th


Today I wanted to paint some Lilacs. So I found a great huge hedge of lilacs and just hung out enjoying the fragrance and the colors.

"Lilacs" 8" x 10' May 9th